Getting Great Wine at Your Wedding

Getting Great Wine at Your Wedding Having a destination wedding in Mexico has it all: the resorts, perfect weather, good food, a fun time, sites to see, glitz and glam, and of course, the expenses that come with it all. A great Mexico wedding photographer has been around the block, and knows that every wedding package comes with a price. But some of those prices can be negotiated. That’s right. Just because you are having your wedding at a resort doesn’t mean you have to use the items that come in your wedding package! That includes the food, the flowers, hair and makeup, the Mexico wedding photographer, and of course, even the wine. Many brides and grooms don’t realize that they have the right to choose whether or not to use these things. When you have a Mexico wedding at a resort, the resort provides these services as a convenience because, many times, they are already available on site.

But what if you want to choose? Just like you can choose to hire a professional Mexico wedding photographer, you can choose to pay an often reasonable corking fee and bring in your own vino.

Why You Might Want to Bring Your Own Wine to Your Mexico Wedding

There are plenty of reasons you may want to bring your own wine to your Mexico wedding. Some of the most common reasons we’ve encountered include:

  • You have a preferred brand and would like to have that brand at your wedding but the resort doesn’t offer it

  • The wine available at the resort is OK at best, or too high in alcohol content, and will give you or your guests a headache

  • The cost of the available wine at the resort is too high for your budget

What to Do When the Resort Wine is Above Your Mexico Wedding Budget

When the wine available at your Mexico wedding resort is out of your budget, you can save on costs (and get the champagne you want) by paying the resort a reasonable corking fee and:

  • Taking a cab to the nearest Wal-Mart in or liquor store in Playa del Carmen or Cancun and bringing it back that way.

  • Have your guests bring a bottle with them to the wedding! You may not know, but an individual can bring up to three liters of liquor and six liters of wine Mexico in their checked baggage without paying a duty fee. Always double-check the limits before packing since limits may change every year. There are some stipulations to this of course! Make sure your guests know that they must show up at customs right away to pick up their bottle, and if they bring even a little bit too much, they will run into serious trouble!

  • Call someone you know in Mexico and have the wine purchased in advance and delivered to the hotel before you even arrive.

Avoid having your wine shipped from home, since this can cause serious fees for you, and the likelihood that your wine will show up to your wedding is about as likely as schleppy Uncle Mike making it through the ceremony unsloshed.

There are other ways to save on your wedding costs as well. Choosing the right Mexico wedding photographer is a great first step is saving on costs and having a wedding to remember (and that you CAN remember!).