Bridesmaids with Manmaid in Cancun wedding.

Embrace the ManMaid at your Cancun Wedding

Break from tradition and embrace the ManMaid at your Cancun wedding.

While shooting a recent wedding in Cancun, the bride had a friend that she referred to as a ManMaid. And I LOVED this word so much I had to write an article. I have photographed a few weddings where there were guys in the bridal party and several weddings where a woman has been part of the groom’s party (I will come onto this a little later) but this was the first time I have ever heard the term ‘ManMaid’ and I think it is perfect!

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are typically the people the couple feel the closest too amongst their family and friends. So if a close friend is of another gender, a bride or groom may question how to incorporate them into their special day?…Well, in my humble opinion, it’s simple, just do it. Yes, it might be a little off in tradition, but traditions change and if this person is important, I say include them. And yes, the photos will look awesome!

After doing some research a ManMaid isn’t all that uncommon anymore and it has become a very common thing with weddings taking place all over the world. Many brides choose a male to fill the role of one of their bridesmaids or Maid of Honor when they want to include their male friend or male family member (e.g. Brother) into the bridal party. Alternatively, the groom may choose a woman to fill the role of a best man… Which I guess if you think about it, that makes her the Best Woman, which is pretty cool.

Bridal party walking on beach in Tulum

So coming back to my experience with women playing the part a groomsman. A little over a year ago I turned up to shoot a couple’s wedding who were from New York and were having their destination wedding here in Riviera Maya. It turned out that the groom was part of the SWAT team in NYC and his groomsmen were made up of his whole team, including a woman. She was awesome dressed in a suit to fit in with the wedding attire of the guys. It was great to see such a close group of people having the best time and enjoying the whole of the day together.

So girls, if you would like to make one of your best male friends or a cousin/brother a ManMaid or Man of Honor, my advice would be to do it! Personally, I believe your wedding is about you and you should to do what is right for you. And if one of your good friends is not the ‘correct’ sex I think it is okay to break with tradition and go for it!

From a photographer’s point of view, I think it makes for some great unique photographs. Heck, how does adding someone that is special to you do anything but add value to your wedding photos.  Besides, when I photograph a wedding I look for two things. The traditional things that make it an elegant wedding… AND the unique things that makes your wedding truly about you. And having a ManMaid or Groomswoman is exactly the type of thing that makes it perfect to me

Dean Sanderson
Photographing weddings in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

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