Should You Wear a Suit for Your Mayan Riviera Wedding?


As a guy deciding what to wear to your Mayan Riviera wedding can be a little difficult. Lets face it, she has it easy, she’s wearing a white dress. For a guy though, there are a lot more things to consider as the standard rules don’t really apply when you move the ceremony onto the sand and under the open sky.  For starters a suit might be one of the hottest decisions you make, and not hot in the good way.

That’s not to say wearing a suit for a beach wedding is a “no go”.  In fact, I’ve seen guys make strong statements in full black tuxes on their Mayan Riviera wedding, so anything is possible.  It’s a personal decision.  Besides looking sharp, a suit may help you hide sweat, but you may end up sweating a lot more because you have one on.

What’s Your Vision?

A decision like this should start with your vision (or your wife-to-be’s vision) about the formality of the ceremony.  If you’re both into the “Trash the Dress” concept and want to stay as far away from formal as possible, then you should probably leave the suit at home.

As a Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer, I’ve seen both traditional and non-traditional beach set ups, and I’m here to tell you they can both work.  Not every style of suit is right for every situation, but you do have options.

Keeping It Light

If I’m going to throw my two cents in, I have to say that I prefer lighter colours for beach weddings.  I mentioned above that I have seen guys wear the traditional black tuxedo on the beach and not look out of place, but those circumstances won’t work for everyone.

Since my business is photography, my primary concern is how natural it all looks and will look as part of your Riviera Maya Wedding Photographs.  One issue with a dark suit is that the eye is naturally drawn to the darkest thing on the beach, so a black or really dark suit can look out of place if there aren’t trees and rocks with ample amounts of shade in the background.  Therefore, if you are deciding on a suit, then my preference is for a lighter colour such as a tan suite if you are planning to have your photos on the beach.

Portrait of groom at wedding in Mexico

Planning Ahead

If you decide that a suit is the way to go, make sure you plan ahead for your wedding pictures and the weather.  It’s wise to bring along a back-up shirt just in case the one you are wearing soaks through with sweat.  If the temperature is supposed to get uncomfortably high, you may want to try a vest rather than a full suit.

Another tip for wearing a suit on the beach is to avoid patterns on the shirt, vest or any other part.  Stick to solids when possible, because patterns have a tendency to distract the eye, especially during wedding photos.

So, probably the best tip I can give when it comes to wearing a suit or not wearing a suit for a beach wedding, is to think it over thoroughly before you decide.  If you can’t decide, do what is best for your wedding pictures and what will make your new bride the happiest….

–  From your Mayan Riviera Photographer |Dean Sanderson|