Groom walking down aisle in Tulum

The Right Mens Shirt for your Cancun Wedding

Choosing the correct clothing and making sure it fits well is incredibly important if you want to look good on your wedding day and in your photographs. And let’s face it, chances are 15-20 years from now your kids are going looking at these photographs so it´s important you show them that you were stylish before they got in the way.

The most important thing is that you are comfortable on your wedding day and choose what is correct for you. At the same time, I am a photographer and I think it´s important that I give you my opinion on what I find looks the best in photographs so that you can then decide what works best for you.

In photography, the fit is everything. A well fitted and even tailored shirt is will look 100X better than a loose-fitting shirt straight off the rack. And fitted does not mean so tight that you can´t touch your elbows together without ripping the back, but rather fitted so not a lot of shirt is coming over the sides of your pants.

This brings me to my next point about the neck size. At nearly every wedding I attend, I see a guy struggling to get the top button of the shirt done up. And every single one says ¨I had no problem doing this up at home. ¨ The reason they had no problem doing it up at home is because they were eating their normal diet the days before and it was not 80-90% humidity. In the humidity, everything expands, so if your collar is tight at home, expect it to be really tight here in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

The next thing I suggest are natural fabrics. I have a whole article on how to stay cooler on your wedding day and how 100% cotton shirts make you 10% cooler. In general, natural fabrics breath and therefore will be a lot more enjoyable to wear. It´s hot here, so please consider this when choosing a shirt.

Iron-free shirts are better. They don´t wrinkle as much and they look better at the end of the day, so if you have the option, get an iron-free shirt.

Stay away from patterns. For most, this will be easy, but in general, solids photograph better than patterns. And I´m going to be very frank here, at a wedding, the groom’s clothing is an accessory to the bride’s dress. She is going to wear that dress once in her life and your goal should be to dress well enough so that you compliment her. Patterns attract the eye and will drag attention from her to you, not good. They also drag attention from you (the two of you) and therefore if you are in a beautiful candid moment, the eye will naturally go to the patterns rather than the emotion between you. Again, not good and hence why solids are just the better option.

Finally, the colour. The one thing I can guarantee you is that you will sweat on your wedding day. The humidity is often 80-90% here in the Riviera Maya, Mexico and it is incredibly important you consider this when choosing your shirt. I wear a white or near-white shirt to every wedding so when I sweat in the shirt, you don´t see it right away. And just as importantly, when it dries, you don´t see the white sweat stains. Darker (or even coloured) shirts will show the sweat while it is wet and the stains after it dries out. Therefore, I suggest white or nearly white shirts.

I hope you have found this a helpful (and entertaining) read. My goal is that you have a great wedding and I know for many couples they are planning their wedding from thousands of miles away with very little knowledge of the conditions. I hope that these simple writings help you have a little better wedding.

Thank you,