Bride having makeup applied before wedding.

The Right Way to Apply Wedding Makeup


Thinking on doing your own Wedding makeup?

I’m probably the only straight guy who looks at his wife and says I found this really great article… and it’s from Cosmo on makeup :) .  If you are thinking of doing your own makeup for your wedding this is truly worth the read.

The right way to apply makeup


Always make sure the heaviest part of your eyeliner is on the top eyelid, not the bottom, otherwise it will drag the entire face down. If you have small eyes, it’s best to avoid bottom liner altogether. When applying eyeliner on top, work from the middle of your eyelid outwards. This is the most flattering technique.

I cannot tell you how important this is. Look at the eyes on the right vs. the left. Look at how much light is in the ones on the right vs the left. Putting too much eyeliner on the bottom of the lid closes your eyes off to light and actually makes them very difficult to photograph. So if you want to see your eyes in your wedding photos, please don’t do this. And WARNING… I see this come out of the spa’s here in Mexico all the time as culturally they wear a lot of eyeliner on the bottom of the lid her.

If you want a referral to an amazing makeup artist that I trust, please email me (make this into a link where they can email me)

– Dean Sanderson | Straight guy reading Cosmo, randomly.