Couple standing by the ocean after getting married. Love your wedding photos

How we ensure you will love your wedding photographs.

You’re hiring a wedding photographer because you want to be proud to share them with your family and friends, on social media and maybe even a large wall art or two… In short, you want to love your wedding photos and I want you to love your photographs. I want my clients to adore their photos, and as a result, my studio has a professional process in place to ensure each and every client gets amazing quality.

First of all, much of what we do starts well before your wedding. I or one of my team members will want to review the timing of your wedding so that we are photographing in the best possible light. We will want to talk to you about hair and makeup so that you are prepared for your day. We will want to talk to you about exactly the style of photographs you will like and we will ask you to do a Pinterest board of images so that we can literally see what you want. Basically, we will do everything in our power to ensure both of us are prepared to photograph your wedding and get the kind of images that you will truly love.

Bride and groom on beach in Tulum

Then on the day we shoot with professional camera’s in RAW. RAW means we are shooting at the highest possible quality that allows us to get the best color and detail out of every image we take… It means that we often come back with over 100Gigs of data from one wedding, but this is our client’s wedding, and something I believe you should expect so that every single image can look it’s best.

Next, after we get these photos to our studio we double backed up your images. Yes, we back up everything we shoot as we don’t want anything unfortunate to happen to your images should a hard drive fail.  Your images are just too important to you for us to take that risk.

Then we have a professional editor that selects the images to make sure all the best images are included in the final product. Having an editor does two things. One, it makes sure that the images where the couple is truly looking their best are selected. Two, it allows the photographers to gain feedback from every wedding we photograph. This feedback means myself and my associate photographers are always learning and getting better and better.

Next, we send our images to the retouching and color correction team. They spend time on each image to make sure that every image looks perfect so that when the client receives them, they are getting the same quality as they would if it had just been taken out of a magazine. And yes, the team will remove an odd pimple here and there, do some magic to the client’s skin and thin out the odd part just a little if needed so that you love your images even more…

Finally, when your photographs are ready, we deliver them to our clients via a secure website where you can view and download the images. This reduces shipping costs and means that all images are archived on our server for safekeeping.

This entire process from start to finish is performed by professionals in their field. We are a studio that believes you deserve nothing but the best quality photographs. Therefore, we believe amazing photographers should photograph, editors should select images, and color correction and retouching professionals should color correct and retouch.

After over 10 years in business, I can assure you that the quality of the product produced by my studio is far better than the quality I produced when I was trying to do it all myself.  This process gives by far the best results and produces wedding images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

-Dean Sanderson
Cancun and Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer