Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing a Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer

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Common Mistakes Couples Make When Choosing a Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer

The last thing you want to be doing is re-doing your wedding photography. It’s a once in a lifetime moment and I’m writing this in an attempt to help you not fall into the pitfalls I have heard other couples have fallen into.  In my opinion, it is imperative that you find a Riviera Maya wedding photographer that can produce photos that will make you smile every time you open up that wedding album or walk by that wall with all the photos on it.  Since there are so many factors involved in planning a successful destination wedding, making mistakes when choosing your photographer is not unusual.

Here are a few common ones, and how you can avoid them

Waiting Too Long

If you want to benefit from the services of a talented, high-quality wedding photographer, you must assume he or she has a busy shooting schedule.  This is especially true if you’re planning your wedding during a typically busy time of year and trust me, busy in a destination wedding market is different than busy north of the boarder. For instance April and May are incredibly busy down here, not so in Canada where it is still pretty darn cold.

If you wait too long, you’ll be scrambling when the time comes and you may have to settle for a photographer that isn’t at the top of his game or not exactly what you wanted.  That’s a nice way to say a second-rate photographer.  If you’re planning a Mexican wedding and want a good Riviera Maya wedding photographer, start looking as soon as you figure out the destination and date. Heck even check before you have a location and exact date and that way if you find the perfect person you can change your date to match their schedule.

Focusing on the Deal

Everyone loves a deal.  Looking for a great price seems to be hard-wired into out DNA, especially when we think of Mexico and negotiating for kitsh on the streets.

The mistake a lot of couples make when looking for a good Riviera Maya wedding photographer is looking for ‘cheap’ rather than ‘affordable.’  Lots of great photographers her in the Riviera Maya have competitive rates, but cheap photographers usually charge so little for a reason.  Discounts are great, special packages are fine, but keep in mind there’s a lot more to it than just the deal.

No Due Diligence

Obviously, a lot of business happens and a lot of people get work because of referrals and recommendations by others.  It’s a huge part of any industry.  But hiring a Riviera Maya wedding photographer or any beach photographer just because someone you know recommended them could be a mistake.

It’s important to do some of your own research before you sign on.  Look at online portfolios, ask about pricing and packages, find out about their principles and beliefs.  You’re looking for a perfect match for your wedding photos, not someone else’s.

Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer takes photo of beautiful beach ceremony

No Local Experience

As you look for the ideal candidate, remember there is a big difference between a photographer with wedding experience and one with experience where you are getting married. In the Riviera Maya there are a lot of factors that can dramatically effect your wedding photos such as timing, hair, makeup, etc… Heck I have a huge website and blog dedicated to helping you have a better wedding. In my opinion, your wedding photographer should be your resource. They should help you have an amazing wedding. As an experienced Riviera Maya wedding photographer, I know the surroundings, the people, the culture and the weather patterns.  And it seems to have a real anti-stress effect on the couples that hire me.

In conclusion

No beach wedding I’ve ever been to goes off without any problems. But hiring a great wedding photographer that will help you plan your day so that you avoid the pitfalls so many couples fall into is a great way to reduce the number of those problems.  Having someone who understands the weather, the light and your needs is so much better than having a warm body with a camera show up.

Dean Sanderson – Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer