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Hair advice for a Beach Wedding

Jan 17 2017


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Things to consider when choosing your hairstyle for Cancun & Riviera Maya Weddings

One of the things I learned photographing weddings down here in Cancun and Riviera Maya very quickly was that how the bride’s hair is styled can make or break the wedding photographs. The other thing I noticed very quickly was that brides needed some advice on how to choose a hairstyle for their wedding here in Cancun and the Riviera Maya as very few had friends that got married here before them, so they literally had no idea and no one else was helping them.

The Wind

A good 80-90% of the time there is a gentle breeze coming off the sea and that breeze is strong enough to blow your hair in your face. This breeze is what makes it enjoyable to be out on the beach in 27-30C (80-85F). And as much as this breeze makes it comfortable to be out on the beach, it means that your hair is down, there is a good chance the wind will blow your face during the ceremony and during the photography session. To complicate things even further, the breeze comes from the ocean onto land, meaning that if you have dreams of the beautiful blue

To complicate things even further, the breeze comes from the sea onto land, meaning that if you have dreams of the beautiful blue colors of the Caribbean Sea in the background of your photographs, your hair needs to be up or under control so that it isn’t blowing in your face.

And please don’t forget about the groom! Obviously, the wind will have the exact same effect on the groom’s hair as well. So if the groom has longer hair, please make sure you have a plan on how you can keep under control in the wind.

The Humidity

It is very humid here in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and if you have long hair it might do some pretty funky things here. It also means that you may have a difficult time getting curls to stay in your hair, and you will likely have to use about 3 times the amount of hairspray.

If you have your hair up or under control, then this is usually not a problem. The only time I have seen issues with this is when a bride has long straight or wavy hair and wants to wear it down with curls. With the combination of wind and humidity, I’m sorry to day that I’ve seldom seen this plan work out well.

Be Prepared

Bring LOTS of hairspray! And when I say lots, I mean 2-3 times as much as you would normally bring. And get the high humidity type. And please tell your family (especially mothers) and friends (bridesmaids) about the wind and humidity so that they too can be prepared.

If you have hired a professional hairstylist, they will be prepared and aware of the wind and humidity. My only suggestion is that you collect a few photographs of the hairstyle you want and bring those with you saved on your phone so that you can show them exactly what you want.

Pin in your Veil

Please pin your veil. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a hairstylist say that the veil does not need to be pinned through the comb. But I can tell you that most of the time, if the veil is not pinned it, it will come out either as you are walking down the isle or shortly after.

Pinning a veil is very simple. All you need to do is put two bobby pins in the comb of your veil so it grabs some hair. It’s super easy to do and will not damage your hair going in or coming out.


In my opinion, the most difficult thing to Photoshop is hair. Taking out the odd stray hair here or there as this is often easy, but when it comes to trying to correct large amounts of hair that is blowing in the wind, it’s nearly impossible. Please consider this when choosing a hairstyle and do not rely on ‘Photoshop’ to fix it after.


I hope you have found this advice helpful and productive. My goal is that you have a wonderful wedding and this simple mistake of leaving your hair down can have a dramatic effect on your ability to get great photographs, but the good news is that the solutions are very simple. And if you have any questions please email me at and I will be more than happy to help.

Enjoy and I hope I get to see you at your wedding!


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