Hair Product Tips for Guys at their Cancun Wedding

couple looking at their eyes at Cancun Wedding

With so much to do in preparation for a Cancun Wedding, and so much emphasis on the bride and bridesmaids, it’s not unusual for some of the smaller guys’ issues to get lost in the shuffle.

As an example, the wind on the beach and how it may affect the groom’s hair probably doesn’t cross anyone’s mind until it becomes an actual problem during the ceremony or wedding photos.  You can throw the best man and groomsmen in there, too.

If you happen to shave your head or you’ve lost enough hair to make this a non-issue, then you’ll be just fine.  But if your hairstyle is an important part of your look and overall style, you’d better keep reading.

Consider the Location

Every beach is going to have a wind factor, but some will definitely be windier than others.  In the Cancun and the Riviera Maya, the wind can get pretty strong at times.  It may seem as though your perfectly styled hair will remain in place all day, but once a stiff breeze gets in there, it starts moving all over the place.

Ask Your Photographer

Naturally, I believe in hiring a photographer that actually specializes in the specific area you’re getting married in, so who better to ask about the wind patterns and possibilities?  As an experienced Cancun wedding photographer, I can relay information based on actual experiences, rather than second-hand stories or weather reports.  An experienced photographer can let you know what to expect, so you can plan accordingly.

Consider the ‘Do

Your hairstyle is another factor when it comes to the type of product you should use.  Shorter cuts are easier to manage because they will look natural with plenty of product, not moving all day long.

If you have a longer hairstyle, the situation is a little more challenging.  You can’t just spray a ton of the strongest hold hairspray on it because it won’t look natural at all.  However, if you just leave it to flow naturally, it may be flying off the top of your head all day and your Cancun wedding photography may suffer.

If it does not matter to you if you have long or short hair for your wedding, then I suggest cutting it short before you come. Trust me, if it is long enough to be blown around, it will be blown around. And Photoshopping that mess is expensive and very difficult.

groom smiling at bride in cancun wedding

Preliminary Testing

As silly as it sounds, testing out a few different products beforehand may be your best option.  If you arrive a couple days ahead of time, do your hair how it will be done on your wedding day, then go down to the beach and see what happens.

If you can foresee a problem, wash your hair and try another.  And for this day, the combination of products isn’t nearly as important as the results they provide.  Styling gel, mousse, hairspray, spritzers, creams, they’re all in play.

Obviously, this isn’t a huge issue when it comes to the overall success of your wedding, but it is a detail that can have a negative effect on your Cancun wedding photos.  If you have longer hair, it’s also difficult to say “I do” and profess your love while spitting hair out of your mouth.  Aim for hair that looks natural and is well-behaved in the wind and you’ll do just fine.


– Dean Sanderson | Cancun Wedding Photographer.