Groom’s Attire Tips from Your Mexico Wedding Photographer

Groom's Attire Tips from Your Mexico Wedding Photographer

When you think about a wedding, you see flashes in your mind of men in black tuxedos whisking around beautiful girls in dresses that look like they stepped out of a Dior ad. But our wedding photography studio knows that when it comes to beach weddings, that won’t always cut it. If you’ve got your heart set on black tuxedos, you should certainly do it (keeping in mind that they’ll be covered in sand in seconds and will be like a melting pot for every male member of the wedding party) but if you’re open to other options, we’ve got the goods right here.

Things to Think About When it Comes to the Groom’s Attire for the wedding

One of the first things any good Mexico wedding photographer will tell you about Groom’s attire tips is that it should make you look your best, but following right up on that is the fact that it should be comfortable. Mexico is a nice 80-degrees Fahrenheit (27-Celsius) most of the year, and although there’s a breeze on the beach almost all the time, the sun still beats down and can take its toll. Sand also gets on everything, and you should be aware of this when you choose a color. Dark colors will most certainly show off sand particles. But don’t worry, no matter what you choose to wear, Dean knows how to make your Mexico wedding photographs come out stunning. He’s always prepared—rain, shine, sweat, sand, and all.

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff.

Some of the Best Things You Can Do for the Groom and Your Mexico Wedding Photography

Although you probably won’t be thinking about your Mexico wedding photography when you’re choosing the attire for your attire, just following a few simple tips that will help you, and the groomsmen, will also help your photographer. So it’s a win-win!

  • Choose a light, airy fabric. Even if you elect for suits, a lighter linen fabric or other type of suit fabric (like cotton!) that breathes well will be a life-saver on the beach. This is important to your Mexico wedding photographer because it means you will be more comfortable—less sweaty all over and more likely to smile without a hint of, “Oh man, get me out of the sun and into some ice!”

    • Hint: Give the guys in your wedding 100% cotton shirts and they’ll love you forever. Go for a 90% cotton blend with 10% man-made fabric and they’ll be puddles of sweat before you can say, “Cancun”!

  • Think about lighter colors. Many grooms opt for khaki or white wedding attire, or another light fabric. This looks great on the sand, great against the ocean, and great on camera. Plus, dark colors tend to show sweat in a mean way! We’ve seen some pretty excellent greys, light blues, and other pastels lately.  If you’re going with darker colors, just remember to warn us in advance if you’ll be wearing anything magenta…cameras and magenta don’t get along and need a little help.

  • Consider going non-traditional. We’ve done plenty of weddings where the groom doesn’t wear a suit or doesn’t wear a suit jacket. Vests in lieu of jackets are popular today and flip flops for footwear (when worn, though most of the time barefoot is the way to go) is a part of almost every group. Don’t forget to forgo boutonnieres if you’re going with just shirts; it looks strange and can ruin the shirt.

  • Wear solids, and if you just can’t get away from patterns go with tiny, repeating patterns (moire). Otherwise, you’ll end with a serious photography problem that makes you look short and stocky.

No matter what the groom wears, the right wedding photographer knows how to make it work for the couple and work for your memories. Dean is there every step of the way at the wedding…and if you need help before the wedding—with swatches, colors, styles, whatever—you can always email me.