Great Groomsmen Gifts for a Riviera Maya Wedding


As the groom, your best man and all the guys in your wedding party mean a lot to you.  They’ve been there for you through thick and thin, they may share a few secrets with you, and you know they’ll be the first ones on the plane to leave for your Mexican beach wedding. Although getting married is your number one priority, you still want the guys to have a great time and a memorable experience.  As an experienced Riviera Maya wedding photographer, I can assure you they’ll have a memorable time down here, but the gifts you get them will add a personal touch that will help them remember your wedding for years to come.

Things to Consider

Of course, the fact that you’re getting married in another country will give you some things to consider, even with the groomsmen gifts.  You need to merge the “what to give” and “where to give it” elements so that there aren’t any customs issues getting things in and no one has to leave anything in Mexico.  Not to mention, lets face it, you are only going to have so much room in your suitcase. There isn’t really a wrong answer when it comes to the “where” part, so you’ll just have to plan ahead and choose one that works best.  Some common options include:

  • The Rehearsal Dinner
  • Bachelor Party
  • Wedding Reception

Obviously, your rehearsal dinner (if you have one) and the reception will be taking place in Mexico, so if you choose one of these your gift choices will have to be appropriate.  And make sure you decide all this at least a month ahead of time, because the last thing you want to do is scramble close to the wedding, especially if it’s in Mexico.

Who Gets a Gift?

Depending on your beliefs about these things, you might get a gift for every male involved in the wedding, or just a few.  Naturally, your best man, groomsmen, ring bearer and ushers should all get gifts, assuming you fill all of these roles. Sometimes, your father and your new father-in-law also receive gifts.  It’s up to you, and if you’re not sure you can talk it over with your fiancé ahead of time.  A token of appreciation for your Mexico wedding photographer wouldn’t hurt, either .

Keep It Thoughtful

Whatever gifts you ultimately choose for the males in your wedding party, make sure you keep it thoughtful.  They all have different tastes and personalities. Consider the various personalities of each one, and get a gift that will really mean something to them.  If you end up spending noticeably more on your best man than the others, you may want to give him his gift at a different time.

Groomsmen photo at Ibersotar

Some Good Choices

Here are some groomsmen gift choices that should work whether you hand them out before you leave or while you’re in the Riviera Maya.

  • Classic travel shaving kit
  • Designer sunglasses.
  • Killer watches
  • Check Fundable or other crowd source funding and get each guy a different gift and a share in a start up company.
  • Memberships for a beer-of-the-month club or similar club he would enjoy.
  • A fishing trip with the all the guys for a couple days after the wedding.

You’ll probably be able to come up with a lot more ideas than this.  It never hurts to ask your Riviera Maya wedding photographer when you are booking your photos, either as we would love to hook you up with a great company if you want to head out and catch some sailfish. If you have any questions about beach wedding photos or the gifts, send me an email anytime:

Dean Sanderson | Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer|