Your Girl Wants to Do an Underwater “Trash the Dress” After the Wedding…Now What?

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If you kind of stood there with a dazed and confused look on your face when your fiancé told you she wanted underwater ‘trash the dress’ photos after the wedding, you aren’t the only one. The beach wedding is a cool idea, but why in the world would she want to trash her dress, and who gets wedding photos taken underwater? And is that even possible? Well it is and it’s an amazing experience you will never regret.

To bring you up to speed, ‘Trash the Dress’ or TTD weddings generally mean you have your wedding with the beautiful dress as planned, then come back a few days later for some ‘unconventional’ photos.

In these photos, the bride may roll around in mud in her wedding dress, she may splatter it with paint, sit on the city bus.  Personally, I’m not into totally ruining a dress simply for the fact of ruining a dress, which is why I suggest underwater TTD photos here in the Riviera Maya.

I prefer creating amazing images that you will love for a lifetime. Often it means we have to take the risk that the dress will not make it, but that’s a small price to pay for the unforgettable images and an experience you are going to love.

Are We Really Underwater?

Yes, you are really underwater.  And aside from producing some positively breathtaking photos, there is a mystical element to the whole thing.  Cenotes, which are naturally-formed sinkholes or pits made of limestone were the Mayan civilization’s only source of fresh water, and are abundant in the Riviera Maya.

These cenotes, (pronounced “say-note-tays”) were thought to be the entrance into the underworld for the Mayans, which was their most sacred place.  Cenotes were the Mayan’s most abundant source of fresh water, so without them the Mayans couldn’t have survived, so the mystical element is understandable. Not only that, when you walk into them, they all have a different ‘feel’. It’s hard to explain, but there is definitely something about these beautiful cenotes.

Most brides who choose to venture into these underwater areas for TTD photos feel relaxed and care-free and it often ends up being more about creating something wonderful than destroying anything.

Set It Up with Your Photographer

I’d love to say that it won’t affect you as the groom, but that wouldn’t be even remotely true.  If she wants to have photos locked in a passionate embrace with her new husband underwater….well, guess where you’ll be?

Quite often, the bride and her dress are the main features of the photos, but the groom should be in there, too.  Since it’s a destination wedding and you are only going to be here for a set number of days, you must set the whole thing up with a Riviera Maya wedding photographer beforehand.  Therefore, if you are interested in one of these sessions, book it sooner than later.

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What Does the Groom Wear?

You can either wear exactly what you wore for your wedding, or if you prefer, something similar as lets face it, if you are wearing linen pants for your wedding, there’s not much of a chance of them surviving. If you have rented a suit, returning it after a TTD session is not going to make you popular. Same with that new leather belt, not going to survive. Therefore my advice is to simply thing ahead and bring some cloths that will look similar to what you wore on your wedding day. Things like shirts, cotton pants, bow ties will survive and be fine with a good wash after your Riviera Maya Trash the Dress shoot.

Keep in mind that at the bottom of everything, this whole exercise is being performed to capture the most stunning Riviera Maya wedding photos possible.  Underwater TTD photos are truly remarkable, especially when they’re done by an experienced Mexico wedding photographer.

And don’t worry, even if the idea takes a little while to grow on you, once you see a few photos of other couples and embrace the mystique of the Mayans, you’ll know you made the right decision.  And trust me, I’ve never had a guy regret doing an underwater Trash the Dress session. It is not an easy experience, but I will coach you through it and you will become closer as a couple and truly love having the images on your wall.

-Dean Sanderson | Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer