Groom doing up shirt in mirror.

Clothing for the Groom

Styling for men is pretty simple, and there are only a few areas where you can go wrong. But when you go wrong, oh man do you make my job more difficult.

There are FOUR basic STYLING RULES for Grooms
1) Fitted clothing
2) Darker than the rest of the guys
3) No patterns
4) Keep it simple

1) Fitted Clothing 
Fitted clothing looks better in photographs than lose clothing. Especially when you consider that you are getting married on or near the beach here in Cancun or the Riviera Maya. Baggy clothing would look out of place and might get caught in the wind and looking odd.

It is also crucial that you are comfortable on your wedding day, so please find the right balance for you and your guys, but in general fitted clothing will look best in photographs.

Groomsmen at wedding waiting for ceremony

2) Darker than the rest of the guys
The best way to stand out is to wear something darker than the rest of the guys. This sets you apart from them and not only does it help your grandmother find you in a crowd of guys, it means that you will stand out in the photographs. Not only does this help you, but it helps your wife when you are photographed with your bridal party, it means that the attention will subtly be drawn to you two.

Groomsmen on beach in Cancun

3) Solid colours
Solids look better in photographs than patterns. Patterns distract and draw attention in a weird way, taking away from the photograph. Also, digital cameras sometimes have a difficult time with small patters, therefore when in doubt, go with a solid colour or large patterns.

The only time I suggest going with a pattern is when it is your thing. In those circumstances, go with a big bold and embrace whatever that is in you because I wear solids on

Groomsmen with bold patterned shirts

4) Keep it Simple
For beach weddings like we have in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, keeping it simple with a nice shirt and fitted pants is usually enough. And you have to remember, that us guys are an accessory to the bride. The important thing is to find that Goldilocks place where you are don´t look too good and draw attention from the bride, but you also don´t want to look too bad and draw attention from the bride. You need to be just right in the perfect place where you compliment her. :)

I hope you found this article helpful and enjoyable. Styling for guys is pretty straight forward and I hope this has at least helped you be confident in the decisions you are making.

Thank you,
Dean Sanderson
Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer