5 Ways the Wind Can Ruin Your Mayan Riviera Wedding Photos

5 Ways the Wind Can Ruin Your Mayan Riviera Wedding Photography

Couple kissing on beach in Mexico.

With so many different aspects to co-ordinate and set up and factor in before your Mayan Riviera Wedding fantasy becomes a reality, the wind is probably the last thing on your mind.  After all, it is one of those acts of nature you can’t control and isn’t it the wedding photographer’s problem, anyway?

Well, you definitely don’t have control over how the wind blows during your beach wedding photos.  And while a seasoned Mayan Riviera Wedding photographer will have a few tricks up his sleeve, there is always some element left to chance.

Here are 5 ways the wind could cause havoc for your beach wedding photos:

1)  The Hair 

Brides, grooms and members of the wedding party usually have enough of a challenge keeping their hair “just right” when there is no wind at all.  If you add a stiff breeze to the equation, frustration, cursing and even outright tantrums may be soon to follow.  Wedding photo day is also perfect hair day, so if it’s blowing all over the place, watch out!

2)  The Dress 

A bride in her wedding dress is one of those images that combines innocence and elegance and beauty in a way that no other garment could ever hope to achieve.  A bride posing for her first official photos with her new husband with her wedding dress flying up over her head is a different kind of image entirely.  A few ill-timed gusts just might turn these photos into something nobody expected.

3)  The Veil

As a photographer in the Mayan Riviera, I personally do not let a single bride walk down the sand isle without pinning in her veil. The one time I let a bride walk down the isle without having her veil pinned in her hair, it ended up about 30ft in a tree. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a veil and blowing in the wind it looks romantic and beautiful so I am not saying do not wear a veil. I am simply saying pin it in because if you do not pin it in, there is just enough wind to take that thing right off your head. Two simple bobby pins, one from each side, solves this problem,. And even if your hairdresser says you don’t need one, please put it in. As a Mayan Riviera Wedding photographer, I never let someone walk down the isle without it pinned in.

4)  It’s Blowing From the Wrong Direction!

Sometimes, the plan is to use the breeze as a prop or feature for the photos.  Everything is planned and set up and then the wind is blowing from the wrong direction.  Instead of a gentle breeze moving those strands of hair out of the bride’s face so the groom can gaze into her eyes, it has the exact opposite effect and covers everything up.

5)  Are You Ok, Granny?

What if your Mayan Riviera Wedding photographer is capturing memories during the ceremony or reception, and the wind blows your grandma or little nephew Billy right off their chair?  This one is a little far-fetched, but it sure would put a damper on your “timeless memories.”

When In Expert Hands…

 Luckily, most of these scenarios are more fiction than fact.  You can always play with different hairstyles and wear it up to ensure it stays in place.  Those ocean breezes will help cool everyone off and keep the mosquitoes away, too. An experienced Mayan Riviera Wedding photographer deals with the wind all the time.  So, unless it threatens to actually pick things up and moved them around, consider the wind your friend.

Dean Sanderson| Mayan Riviera Wedding Photographer