5 Things About a Riviera Maya Wedding You Probably Haven’t Considered

Couple on beach at Rosewood Mayakoba Riviera Maya Wedding

A Riviera Maya Wedding carries with it a lot of factors that aren’t present in a standard ‘close-to-home’ event.  You know about the travel, the hotel bookings, smaller guest lists and potential for weather to affect the proceedings.  Now, here are 5 things you probably haven’t considered.

1.  The Whole Thing Should Be Fun!

It’s a Riviera Maya Wedding, of course it’s supposed to be fun….but I’m talking about the WHOLE thing, including the planning.  So many couples view the planning of a destination wedding as something they have to ‘get through’ rather than a joyous event in itself. You’re together, you’re planning your wedding on a tropical beach, enjoy yourselves!

2.  You Can’t Bring Everything

Sometimes, couples (meaning the bride) seem to lose sight of the fact that you can’t bring all your clothes, shoes, make up, decor items, gifts for guests and accessories with you on the plane.  Not only don’t you need it all, there just isn’t enough room.  Take the time to make a list during the planning process to make it easier later and start asking guests if they can take extra baggage for you if necessary.

3.  The Climate Effects Cameras

I know, I’m the Riviera Maya Wedding photographer so why would you care about camera issues?  While that is true, it’s also true that I’m not the only one who will be taking pictures.  I may be the only one taking professional photos, but friends and relatives will also be taking shots.

And since the humidity factor is high down here, you should know that condensation may form on camera lenses if they aren’t acclimated first.  Meaning, if you take a camera from an air conditioned hotel room directly outside to a humid environment and start taking pictures, condensation may ruin the shots.  Tell everyone to bring their cameras outside at least 20 minutes early so they get used to the heat and humidity. And no, that little bit of water on the lens will not ruin it. Over time, yes it will ruin it, but for a couple weeks, no. And we are not talking about the condensation on the lens, it’s the stuff inside on the electronics that is the problem.

4.  The Language Barrier

If you’re having a Riviera Maya Wedding in Mexico so you know on some level that most of the people here speak a language other than English (aka Spanish), but sometimes it doesn’t really sink in until you arrive.  Be prepared to spend a little extra time with your wedding coordinator and expect there to have been and to be some, well lets call them misinterpretations.

If you had a wedding planner or travel agent plan everything from home make all your arrangements.  Be wary of the language barrier and plan ahead.

Couple having fun at Riviera Maya Wedding

5.  It Gets Here Fast

Even though you know the date and it’s a year away, so many couples still don’t have it all done in time.  Life is unpredictable and stuff happens and it’s very easy to get preoccupied, then all of a sudden you have to be on a plane in a month and there’s still a ton of things to do.  Get as much accomplished as you can, as early as you can because that year or whatever it is will get here faster than you think .


Dean Sanderson|Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer|