Bride and groom taking selfie with guest at wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Don’t Forget these 10 things for your Destination Wedding

Simple but important list of things to bring to your wedding. 

When I go to a wedding I find that people tend to forget the same small things over and over again. Many of these things are simple, and if you start putting them in  your suitcase now, you will be well ahead of most couples getting married in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

1) Hanger for your dress

I love those hangers from Etsy with your name on it, but if that is not your thing, then please, at least, bring a nice hanger from home. Anything is better than the 10 cent plastic one that comes with from the dry cleaner’s. Something simple and elegant will do. Most of the hotels on the Riviera Maya don’t have nice hangers. And if they do, they often have the kind you can only hang in their closet, which is a nice way of reminding you to not steal them…

2) Safety Pins

Yes, you actually need these. They can be a lifesaver in so many situations, that I  started to carry them in my bag. But then they rusted out one day, pretty much ruining that part of my camera bag, hence I no longer carry them. If the groom is wearing a tie, it’s really important that he, either brings a small safety pin, or a tie clip. Personally, I prefer using a safety pin as the look is just that little bit cleaner. And there are a million and one things you can use safety pins for, so please bring a few in different sizes.

3) Makeup Fixer

I love this stuff. No I’m not a drag queen on my days off, I can simply tell the difference between a bride who wears makeup fixer and a bride who does not. If you don’t fix that makeup on your face, the humidity, wind and salt air are going to make your makeup sweat off. Please use this as an excuse to take another trip to Sephora and get some Makeup Fixer.

4) Scissors

Please bring them. From ripping bridesmaids dresses trying to get tags off, to hiding the tag from the veil in the brides hair, moments before she walks down the aisle -I’ve seen lot of times a small pair of scissors would come in handy. Your hotel room will not have them. So please put a pair of small scissors in your checked luggage.

5) Pin in your veil

Never walk out the room without a bobby pin in your veil. I don’t care what your hair stylist (whom has never been to a wedding ceremony)says, you need your veil pinned on. Of the brides that do not pin in their veil, at least 95% of them have their veil come out, either while walking down the aisle or during the ceremony. Assuming they even get that far. This naturally only applies to beach weddings where there will always be a breeze.

Bride getting final touches of makeup at wedding in Tulum.

6) Thank you signs

I’m putting this on the list because I wish more people brought them. I love props, and especially things that are important, or mean something to you. It helps me customize your photography for you. I love them, and if you can fit them in  your luggage, bring them along with any other props.

7) Cotton shirts for the Guys

In all likelihood, it is a lot hotter and more humid here than where you are from. I ALWAYS wear 100% cotton shirts because they are at least 10 degrees cooler. I generally wear Brooks Brothers, and I especially love the iron free versions. They are fitted, they look good, they breath, and when you lift up your arms they don’t come untucked like other brands. And even when they do, they are iron free, so they still look good.

8) Proper bustle for the dress

OK, this is not so much forgetting but rather getting the wrong thing. I have seen so many bustles break on wedding dresses! I’ve seen them break on $700 dresses, and even on  $7,000 dresses. Trust me, when all you want to do is dance, it is a pain to have your train following you around. If your dress can handle it, I suggest a French bustle. They tie together and actually last.

9) Enough Hairspray

If you or your girls are doing their own hair, remind them to get high humidity hairspray and bring LOTS of it. Expect your hair to do some crazy things in this humidity.

10) Lock your safe

Every time I am leaving a room, I ask the bride if she has her key, the flowers, the rings, and if the safe locked? It’s a busy day, and it is so easy to leave the safe unlocked. Even if nothing is stolen, it may bring doubt to one’s mind if something is misplaced. Mexico is incredibly safe, probably safer than most parts of the United States, but it’s always good practice to use the safe in your room.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope it has helped you be that little more prepared for your wedding here in Cancun and the Riviera Maya

Dean Sanderson

10 Things people forget at their Destination Wedding