Tulum Destination Wedding at the Hacienda Paraiso

Calling Victoria and Rico’s Tulum destination wedding “epic” might be an understatement. It was a truly unique wedding where the guests all dressed in white and danced on the beach until the early hours of the morning. Both Victoria and Rico wore custom-designed and tailored outfits for their wedding, which matched their personalities and looked amazing.

On a side-note, traditionally when Mexican’s have a beach wedding, everyone comes dressed in white or off-white. Not only is this comfortable and looks great in photos, but it has a unique way of creating a synergistic energy at the wedding. All the guests come together in a way that is different than if they are not all wearing white. If you are currently planning your wedding on the beach in Mexico, I suggest you give this idea some thought.

For me, the highlight of this wedding was Rico’s reaction as Victoria walked down the aisle. I was laughing and crying behind the camera as I captured his expression while Victoria walked down the aisle. He was like a kid in a candy store – he could not believe his eyes. It was one of those truly priceless moments that I was fortunate to experience. I absolutely loved this Tulum destination wedding and I’m so happy for both Rico and Victoria.

Thank you and enjoy the photos,
Dean Sanderson