My price list is not what you need to hire me and my team.

There are two important things missing.

  1. Relationship
  2. Knowing exactly what you want/need.

I want you to meet me so you can decide if my personality and approach match your needs. And I want to listen to you and discover the photographs you will cherish the most so I can mould my style to your needs.

I also want to get clear on your timeline. I want to make sure you have time to get all the photographs you want, you are photographing in the best possible light, you are relaxed and not rushed on your wedding day and you do not pay for time you do not need.

We can do all of this in a 15-20 minute Zoom meeting. So I will check my availability and if I am still available for your wedding let’s organize a Zoom meeting.

Now, please check your email for the price list AND use it as a guideline.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing more about your wedding!

Btw. If you do not have this email within moments, please check your spam or other folders.