Meant to Be Became Reality..

You’ve heard the story: boy meets girl, they fall in love, they get married, and they live happily ever after. Sarah and Michael have a story a lot like that one, except that there were a few side streets along the way to happily ever after!

When I first met Sarah and Michael, I could tell that they were in love just by looking at them. And when I heard the story of how they met  I was so happy that these two could find each other. Sarah and Michael are from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and they lived two separate lives until one fateful night. Sarah, a single Mom, was enjoying a rare night out with the girls (how many single Moms get to go out anymore? This was a once in a lifetime opportunity!) when her life changed forever. Michael saw her and immediately knew that she was the one. Fortunately, that Curtis guy didn’t get in the way. I know what you’re thinking… Who’s Curtis? According to Sarah’s Mom, Sarah was supposed to be a boy and therefore was named Curtis right up the moment she was born a girl instead! Leave it Mom’s speech to fill in some juicy tidbits during her toast!

Being able to provide their wedding photography was such a pleasure. Both Sarah’s girls were the flower girls paired their sweet spirits and heart-melting smiles with a group of amazing friends and family that were there to support Sarah and Michael in making their forever commitment. And to me, there’s nothing more beautiful than shooting Mexico wedding photography for a group of people who are all there out of love, and not obligation.

-Dean Sanderson