I’m from Canada so naturally I grew up playing hockey. They say I put on skates at 3 and never took them off until I was in College where I played one year of hockey before I decided that getting an education was more important than chasing a puck. So I know a thing or two about hockey and love watching the sport and it’s really the only thing I miss about a Canadian winter while living here in Mexico. Thank god for the internet where I can watch all the games online.

Anyhow, I bring this to your attention because Marc and Robyn happen to be Oilers fans, where as I am a Canucks fan. For those of you who do not follow our crazy sport on ice where grown men seem to beat the living hell out of each other and we cheer when a fist fight breaks out. My team, the Canucks, finished first in the league last year, where as the Oilers finished last. Now I am not going to say which team is better, I will let you draw that conclusion all I am saying is that it was wonderful to photograph a wedding for a couple that has so much dedication to their team.

In all seriousness, it was a pleasure to be invited to photograph Robyn and Marc’s Mexico wedding at the Dreams Cancun. They met in Edmonton on a night out, became inseparable. They love to travel and a destination wedding beside a beautiful beach was the perfect setting for a beautiful celebration with close family and friends. O and it was out of that really really cold country way up north :)

Dean Sanderson | Cancun Wedding Photographer


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