Azul Fives Hotel Wedding on the Sky Terrace 

Photographing Rebecca’s and Tony’s wedding was an absolute pleasure. The only way I can begin to describe the bond felt between these two is to say their love literally shone – it was beautiful and very memorable. Rebecca and Tony’s passion and joy for each other made my job easy, and photographing them was very natural.


What I found hilarious, was that the wedding was planned on the color of Rebecca’s MOH dress (Nicole). She simply adored it and decided that everything was to be planned around this. It worked extremely well and the couples beautiful DIY decor, the nautical theme gave a very relaxed vibe to the day.

Talking about relaxed, this is how I would describe Rebecca’s mood on the day! Usually, it is very common to see brides a bit worried in the morning of but Rebecca was so calm and relaxed, it put everybody else at ease. I think her relaxed personality helped in her enjoyment when it came to planning the wedding. Rebecca even won her dress on a competition through Facebook and luckily it fit perfectly and looked stunning!

Tony, on the other hand, was a little more picky with his Haggar suit and custom made shirts.

All in all, the day was fabulous. I especially enjoyed watching everyone dancing the night away, as I know everybody else did! I wish them the best of luck and hope to catch up with them one day in the near future.