Beautiful Wedding at the NOW Jade Cancun

These two high school sweethearts met in high school, but it was definitely not love at first site. Rather in their first meeting they had a spirited argument over Travis Barker (drummer) and Travis Parker (snowboarder), where neither of them gave in because they assumed they were talking about the same person.


This encounter turned into a friendship that then turned into love. And after completing university, buying a home, adopting a dog and creating a little family of their own, it was time to make the next step and officially get married.

Rachell and Chad’s wedding at the NOW Jade Cancun, was absolutely stunning. They had the ceremony on the back of the resort as it was forecast to be a very hot day and they did not want some of their elderly guests to be out in the sun.  And although I have photographed dozens of weddings at the NOW Jade or me it was the first time I had ever photographed a ceremony in that location. And I have to say, I truly enjoyed it as it is more private and the photographs turned out beautiful.

Dean Sanderson
Cancun Wedding Photographer