A Beautiful Riviera Maya Wedding Story

A doctor meets an actor, they fall in love and have a beautiful Barceló Riviera Maya destination wedding in Mexico. On the beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea and surrounded by close family and friends – nothing could have been more perfect.

Like every tale of true love, there’s more to this story than the headline. Nikita and Seth began as friends while Nikita was still in school and Seth appeared on the reality television series Survivor Philippines (on which he made it to the top three). After the show, Seth headed to Bombay to try his hand at full-time acting for a few years. Over time, their love for each other grew – a bond that could not have been more apparent on their wedding day.

I’ve photographed a lot of couples and, I have to say, the love these two have for each other is what I call “mature love.” The kind of love where they care for each other’s soul as much as they care for the person. I don’t know how else to describe it, but when I am photographing and watching them, I can see it in the way a couple holds hands…the way they cuddle and the way they smile every time their eyes meet. It’s a special kind of love and I’m grateful to have an awesome job that allows me to observe and capture such moments.

Nikita and Seth are Hindu and had a somewhat traditional Hindu wedding with fire and many of the traditional aspects of a Hindu wedding. Nikita wore a beautiful sari from Seasons Bombay and Seth rocked-it in Spied & McKay, Brooks Brothers and Hermes. (Side Note: Just for the record, Brooks Brothers’ cotton shirts are my all-time favorite for wearing in Mexico. The fit is amazing and the cotton breathes wonderfully for hot and humid weather.)

Thanks again to Nikita and Seth for allowing me to be part of their special day!


Dean Sanderson

Bonus: Don’t forget to check out the couple’s wedding video – an all new feature for the blog!