A Cancun Wedding that Proves, Perseverance Pays Off

I really wanted to post this wedding on my website to show couples who are about to have their wedding here in the Cancun that even when things go wrong, they go right. Nancy and Joe’s Cancun wedding day started with rain.  However, when it rains down here it’s usually only for about 10-15 minutes at a time. So, after a little wait, we went back out to take some amazing images. And a major benefit of having a little rain on your wedding day is that it chases most people away from the beaches and pools – and as a result, we had the whole resort to ourselves!

The other “surprise” that happened on Nancy and Joe’s wedding day occurred when the bride went to get her dress out of its bag. Somehow, someone forgot to put Nancy’s dress’ lacing into the bag and she didn’t have anything to lace her dress up with. After some tense moments, Nancy and her crew found some ribbon, which worked amazingly well. Maybe it’s me having seen so many dresses with a white ribbon lacing them, but I really liked the colored ribbon. It complemented the bride’s skin tone and finished the dress with flare – especially when paired with her tattoo! Yes, it would have been better if Nancy had got the original look she had planned for, but it allowed for the opportunity to turn a tragedy into something which, in the end, looked quite amazing.

In summary, I would like to say that the moral of this story is that when things go wrong, just go with the flow. As you can see from the photos to the left, yes – it was a rainy day. Yes – there were things that did not go right. But, in the end, look at the photos. These will be stories the couple will share for a lifetime: Nancy in a perfectly fit dress with more than a little fun at the bottom and smiles and joy on everyone’s faces as they celebrated the couple’s wedding.

Dean Sanderson