Cenote Underwater Trash the Dress, Mexico

Michelle and Sean wanted to have an adventure after their wedding and I was lucky enough to be able to provide them with an underwater trash the dress shoot in a cenote the day after their wedding. Normally, we don’t suggest shooting a trash the dress session the day after your wedding, but Michelle and Sean had a simple wedding with close family and friends. As a result, they were in bed early and showed up bright and early they were ready to go and excited for the adventure!

Michelle had purchased a special dress for the underwater trash the dress, but it did not fit well. It also wasn’t nearly as nice as the dress she wore for her wedding. Therefore, I convinced her to wear her actual wedding dress with the promise that, when we were done with the shoot, it would be perfectly fine. We were careful getting in and out of the water and, as expected, the dress held up perfectly. Just a few days ago, Michelle wrote us a beautiful email that I would like to share, “I hope all is well with you and the family. I can understand why you guys live out there. I woke up this morning and smelled the dress from Mexico that I haven’t washed yet. It smells like salt, sun, lavender and the gentle breeze of happiness.” It’s true, that is why we live here…happiness.

Sean happened to bring a GoPro to the trash the dress session and, as soon as I saw it, I asked him if I could wear it on my head. Apparently, this was Sean’s desire as well. Sean is still in the process of editing the video and as soon as he has a few clips to share, I will be sure to post them here. So, come back and check if you would like to see a little behind the camera action of this underwater trash the dress shoot!

Dean Sanderson