High School Sweethearts Overcome the Odds

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had married your high school flame? I have to admit that back when I was single, that question randomly popped into my head. Now that I have Anna and am working as a wedding photographer, those thoughts are long gone. But, every now and again, (let’s say one in every 15 weddings) I meet a couple like Marielle and Ken who met in high school, fell in love and decided to tie the knot.

When the couple met, Ken was two years older and, according to them, it took a while for love to blossom. Eventually, Marielle and Ken started dating and they have never looked back. Now, 13 years later, here they are – saying “I do” and having a beautiful NOW Jade Cancun wedding. Their love story reminds me of the movie “Grease,” but without all the drama, tight leather pants and singing!

From a photographer’s perspective, this was a fun wedding to shoot. I arrived at the resort about 30 minutes early and decided to say “hello” to the girls in the resort’s wedding department. While I was there, I saw all the details for the couple’s reception laid out on the desks and I knew exactly how I wanted to photograph Marielle and Ken’s wedding.

Simple and soft color tones included pastels, creamy whites and light browns – there wasn’t anything too bright or overwhelming. I knew I wanted their wedding photos to match this style from the beginning. In order to get this result, I knew I would need to photograph in the shade, stay out of the sun as much as possible and keep the flash in the bag whenever I could. Luckily, the day cooperated and I was able to keep the couple in the shade and get photos which I knew would match their style and that they would love!

Dean Sanderson

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