NOW Jade Riviera Cancun Wedding Photographs Full of Love.

The NOW Jade Riviera Cancun resort, is one of my favorite resorts along the coast, so upon pulling up to the resort, I had a feeling that this would be one of those special days, where everything would fall perfectly into place. And it did

Katie and Chris were a pleasure to photograph. I felt instantly drawn to their love and closeness. It’s a difficult kind of love to describe. In some ways they have that puppy dog love of joy and laughter, and yet at times, I had the feeling like they have been married for 50 years as they had a way of completely understanding and accepting each other that I think we all long for.


The ambience of all the guests was very close and family orientated; they enjoyed and had so much fun together it was a pleasure to watch. I grew especially fond of the little flower girl particularly after her big ‘Hollywood Moment’. As she walked down the aisle with the sun shining into her eyes, she made the most adorable squinting face, this really made my day, but then again I’m a father with two beautiful little girls about the same age, so might be biased…

Apart from the beautiful couple and family, the dress, décor and elegance of this wedding at the NOW Jade Riviera Cancun were somewhat mesmerizing. Everyone including myself seemed to go into a place of calmness and relaxation at the beginning of the wedding. The colors of pale pinks, creams, and corals which were distributed throughout each element of décor created an ambience of softness and femininity but this was also mixed up with the odd pop of color (The bridesmaid’s bouquets for example) which gave different textures throughout. It may not have happened physically but metaphorically I hope this beautiful couple continues to ride into the sunset like the fairy tale of a story they are.

The weather cooperated and we had a beautiful Caribbean day with blue skies and the odd puffy cloud that floated over at just the right moment. All in all, this wedding was a pleasure to be a part of and I hope you enjoy looking through the photos and they inspire you…

Dean Sanderson
Cancun Wedding Photographer