Jenny and Paul’s Cancun Wedding and Trash the Dress

Jenny and Paul are a super fun couple! He is a comedian and a writer and Jenny is every bit as entertaining. The wedding was small with just four guests which meant multi-tasking. It was the first time I had seen the Groom help the Bride get ready before the wedding. The highlight had to have been taking the photos at the beach. Jenny apparently thought she was?in an?Olympic?competition?and?took a stride way too big for her beautiful dress.?This resulted in a bit of a spill but some excellent “action” shots which I am sure they will enjoy for years to come.?Since that session I make sure?when directing the shots to remind the Bride “take small steps”.

As a new addition to my blog?I am?starting to?request client feedback. I think it will be beneficial for future couples to gain an understanding from those who have just been through the experience themselves. I want you to get to know this couple from?their perspective?so make sure to read Paul’s impression of the Wedding and Trash the Dress shoots below:

A brief history of you as a couple and how you met:

I am Canadian and Jenny is Australian, we met briefly through a friend in Sydney when I was an exchange student, and by chance, the next year, in 2004, Jenny went on a student exchange to my university in Ottawa. That’s when we fell in love and started our relationship. Since then we moved together in Montreal, and lived happily together, enjoying many travels abroad. On a trip to Iceland in 2011, I proposed to Jenny on the top of a little volcano near mount Hekla. She said yes. Because of the great distance separating our two sets of family and friends, we decided to have a small wedding in a ‘neutral’ 3rd country – Cancun, Mexico. Fortunately for us, we found a great photographer to immortalize the whole thing :)

How was the Trash the Dress experience?

The trash the dress experience was great and the photos we’ve seen so far are really impressive. It was lots of fun to jump in the water and try to pose, the cenote Dean found was really nice and clear. There were a few people bathing around but they didn’t bother us at all and we were shooting for a few hours in a few different spots. Dean has the same kind of sense of humour we have so we tried a few fun photos with champagne glasses, a tequila bottle and juice boxes. In retrospect, it would have been fun to bring more stuff with us and take even more fun photos. We both agree that the trash the dress experience gave a really fun edge to the whole wedding; it’s probably what we’ll remember most fondly.

Any funny or interesting stories from the day?

After the wedding, we had a photo session on the beach where Dean asked us to hold hands and run towards him. Jenny started running as if in a race, and tripped and fell flat on her face. This was caught on camera and is a memory that we fondly remember and laugh at!

Towards the end of the trash the dress session, Paul realized that he had brought some juice cartons with him that we could use during the session and went out of the water to get them while both Jenny and Dean waited for him in the cold water of the cenote. Paul, up on dry land decided to drink the juice in both juice cartons, taking his sweet time. This was after a few hours of being in the cold water, so both Dean and Jenny were already cold and shivering. We have fond memories of Dean saying to Paul, “Dude! What are you doing?!”

Was there anything Dean did to make your day more successful or special?

Dean made us both comfortable and was easy to get along with. His personality, sense of humour and friendliness made the day fun and memorable. His photos were also fantastic.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make the experience better?

Maybe if Dean would have some props available with him. :) But really, everything was great!

Paul & Jenny

Trash the Dress underwater photographer

by Dean Sanderson, Cancun Wedding Photographer

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