Jennifer & Roger’s?Wedding Photographs at Royal Resort, Playa del Carmen

As you can see from the photos above, this couple is a lot of fun to be with. Their family and friends are a blast to be around and I really enjoyed photographing this wedding and meeting their friends and family… And you can find two photos of me in this one that were taken by Catherine my second shooter on the day. One with me taking a shot of tequila before the ceremony (which was not my idea, but when duty calls…) and the other with a bib the guys had for the groom, however, when they found out I had a 3 week old baby while I was shooting this wedding, things changes and I ended up wearing it. Not really sure how that happened to be honest, but life is for enjoying.

As usual, we asked Jen and Roger to share a little about themselves before their wedding so that when we showed up, we would know a little about them and be able to customize their wedding photography to match their life and personalities.

In Jennifer’s words:

Ok like I said before I don’t feel I am very good at this….
Roger and I have been together for just over 6 years. We met at a bar in Calgary called the Roadhouse and seemed to have beat the odds of couples who meet at “the bar”. After our first meeting we connected over a chat program on the web called “MSN”(you may remember hehe), exchanged phone numbers and have been inseparable ever since!

During these 6 years we have both completed our schooling– well sort of…I am a postpartum community health nurse and Roger is completing his Chartered Accountant. If all goes well he will write his CA exam next September. Right now it seems that much of our lives are still focused on school/work….

We have also been able to travel a bit in the past 6 years to Europe, Brazil(where Roger is from), Mexico, and United States. We always knew we wanted to have a destination wedding in Mexico and find it hard to believe it is actually going to happen!!

We also share a deep love for our cat Pedro and have purchased a new home which we are waiting to be built!

Finally, trust me, we lead more exciting and dynamic lives than what is written above and I assure you we are much funnier in person!

(OK this was true on the wedding day and I think we were able to capture that in your photos!!! )


Thank you for looking through my blog. I hope you enjoyed these photographs as much as I enjoyed being at this wedding.

Dean Sanderson | Playa del Carmen Wedding Photographer

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