Mayan Cenote Underwater Trash the Dress

Hope and Kevin are one of those couples who love to live life outside the box and as an adventure. Upon meeting them, I asked Hope why her photograph in Gmail was the two of them in skydiving outfits. It turns out, as the story goes, it was a photograph from their second date. That’s right: these two decided to go skydiving for their second date. The company they went skydiving with had a photographer along for the ride, taking photos throughout the descent. In the end, once Hope and Kevin were back on solid ground, the photographer asked them to kiss for the camera. Barely knowing each other, they turned towards each other and kissed. The two never looked back. Talk about falling in love!

Hope and Kevin’s wedding was the weekend before our shoot at the Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach. They contacted me because they wanted to celebrate their wedding in style by doing a trash the dress session while on their honeymoon in the Riviera Maya. It was an absolute pleasure to work with a couple whose fear tolerance is so low and who are willing to try anything. Being fear-free is not necessary to do a TTD, as I’ve photographed people who can’t swim and even a paraplegic who we carried down in her wheelchair. So, pretty much anyone can do a TTD session! However, working with a couple who were adventurous right from the start was a pleasure. I can’t thank Hope and Kevin enough for the opportunity to get capture these amazing photos!


Dean Sanderson


When we asked Hope for some feedback on how they enjoyed the shoot she was kind enough tell us: “The underwater shoot was more than I imagined it would be. It was by far the best memory I have of the wedding. Dean made it fun and exciting. Not to mention he left from the hospital and came out to our shoot right after his wife gave birth to their new baby. That is dedication!