This is me… I’m a photographer and I love what I do. I photographed for a little over 8 years in Canada and then during a meeting with my business coach one day decided that I would have a better life photographing weddings on the beach in Mexico than shooting commercial work in Canada. See I LOVe shooting commercial work for advertisers and magazines, but life is more important than work, so I made the jump for a better life. And I have to say, the work down here is awesome because my clients are so dam cool. I love every single one of them and what is not to love? I join people on one of the best days of their lives! … and I do it day in day out… what’s not awesome about that?      O and then the story of my life gets better. I was sitting at a cafe minding my own business when this really hot girl totally picks me up and now we have a kid (Isabella) together. Anna does the emails and makes sure you get exactly what you want and need (aka, most people think they need more hours of photography than they really need) … and WE have a great life. We live in paradise, we have awesome clients, we do cool work… And it’s all thanks to every single one of you! I love it…So please take your time on my site. Have a good look at the photos and decide if these are the type of photos you want for your wedding. You know, the type that when you look back in 20 years you will be proud to show off and not the type that you will say… ‘Honey, that is so 2013, what were we thinking?’… Then go through my site as we have some great info on how to make your wedding down here a success. The Mexican culture is a little different than Canadian or US. For instance, makeup… it’s just different and you need to know so you don’t end up looking.. mmm ‘different’. … Anyhow, have a look around, enjoy and if you have any questions there is a contact link up there on the top right.

Dean + Anna = Isabella

Jennifer and Kurt's Wedding at Azule