This trash the dress session was a first for both the couple and me. I had never shot in this particular Mayan cenote before and the clarity of the water was absolutely amazing! Gina and Rich had never done an underwater photo shoot before and we all had lots of fun together.

For such a big guy, Rich was surprisingly afraid of fish. Maybe he’s seen too many piranha movies? Thankfully, after a little bit of coaching, Rich overcame his fear and we got some amazing photos of him and his new bride under water. The best part is, after the couple got their photos, I got an email from Gina telling me that Rich keeps telling everyone how cool the experience was. I’ve found that this is totally typical of guys who are a little hesitant or uncertain at first. In the beginning, they wonder why they are doing this and then after they get going and ultimately see the photos, they love it! Thanks to Gina and Rich for letting me come along on this underwater adventure!

Dean Sanderson


Trash the Dress









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