Gillian and Broadie’s Wedding in Puerto Avanturas, Mexico

This is one of those weddings I only get here in Mexico. I’m having breakfast at the Turtle Bay Cafe in Akumal when Jenn the owner of the restaurant as well as a local wedding planner comes up to me and asks me if I would like to shoot a small wedding in a few weeks. I’m available so naturally I say yes, thinking it will be a great way to spend a nice evening. Then on the day of the wedding it’s not the best weather. Actually it’s raining so hard that at 1:00 they are not able to set up the arch for the wedding which is at around 3:00. Then magically, like it often does here in the Mayan Riviera, the skies started to clear and they were able to set up the arch on the beach and get ready the wedding. And as you can see in the photos below, those skies continued to clear up to the point where there was this beautiful patch of blue above them during the ceremony. The only unfortunate thing was that the weather did delay us a little and therefore I did not have as much time with them to take photos as I would have liked to… but when this happens, it just means I have to adjust the way I shoot so that we get great images. So I asked one of their guests James to help me hold a flash while I photographed them and as you can see by the photos below, it’s a little bit different than my usual bright clean style, but these photos are still full of emotion and really capture this couple beautiful.












by dean sanderson

Cancun Wedding Photographer

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