A Hard Rock Hotel Cancun Wedding with Good Friends and Family. 

It takes a lot of research to select the perfect venue and for Christina and Jose’s wedding and eventually, they settled on the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun as the perfect upbeat resort for their wedding full of fun and laughter.

Christina and Jose were married in a Catholic Church the week before arriving in Mexico. Therefore, their main goal was to keep their destination wedding laid back, relaxed and of course, full of enjoyment for everybody involved. They wanted their Mexico wedding to be stress free and allow for maximum party time with there loved ones!


The day began with a very excited bride to be getting ready with all her girls. Christina wore a stunning two layer Hayley Paige gown for her ceremony teamed with natural but pristine makeup and her hair back in a low raise bun which was perfect as it allowed for the ocean breeze without the dreaded hair blowing everywhere.

For the reception, she changed out of her wedding gown into an equally gorgeous party dress so that she could dance the night away in comfort and style!

And lets not forget the groom. Jose dazzled in his custom-made Irish linen Guayabera shirt and trousers, along with his Cuban charm and black bow tie, Jose really looked great really reflected the white, clean and glamorous, look that was the theme of their wedding.

Working with Christina and Jose was a real pleasure. They were fun, kind, beautiful people that truly know how to enjoy life!


Dean Sanderson