A Sentimental El Dorado Seaside Suites Wedding

I love weddings joy-filled weddings like Casandra and Andy’s: that bring together families and friends to celebrate a couple’s love. Like Andy mentioned in his speech, if he and Casandra would have had a wedding at home, it would have been a four-hour event. But, by having a El Dorado Seaside Suites wedding, they were able to spend three-to-seven days with their guests and creating bonds that will last a lifetime.


As a guy who photographed weddings back home in Canada for six-to-seven years, this is one of my favorite things about a destination wedding. It gives people more time to make those connections, whether it be family or friends – those connections go deeper. As a result, I got a sense that the couple’s relationship also goes deeper and that the marriage is held together by a stronger bond.

I’m not saying this couple needed a stronger bond…gosh, I’ve seldom seen a couple so much in love. I appreciated how when Casandra started to walk down the aisle, a big tear ran down Andy’s face. It was one of those moments I love…a tear of happiness that is truly indescribable. To top it off, the couple’s wedding was beautiful and their friends were so much fun. This was an amazing event in so many ways!

Dean Sanderson