A Fun Filled Grand Palladium Wedding.

I communicated with the bride a lot to get to know her and her soon-to-be husband before the wedding. Cara mentioned she had modeled a lot, while Cara was a professional, her husband-to-be, Ryan, was not a fan of being in front of the camera. But on the big day, Ryan really stepped up and I couldn’t tell that the he didn’t like having his picture taken.

In fact, when I arrived to the room where he was getting ready, we had a lot of fun. Next, it was off to the girls’ room where it was equally as fun and full of exciting energy. There were a bunch of crazy girls just having fun and enjoying Cara’s wedding day. Something happened with Cara that I will always remember.

I randomly mentioned that I missed dollar stores because I really liked the floss they carried. Next thing I knew, she was coming down the stairs with a year’s supply of dental floss for me.

Cara and Ryan’s wedding day was wonderful – surrounded by their loved ones and with lots of crying…the good kind of crying. The photos were equally as fun and successful. Ryan remained relaxed the entire time and, with Cara’s previous experience in front of the camera, it was an easy and satisfying day.

Thankfully, the couple’s friends and family were equally as fun and relaxed. It all resulted in the wedding being a really good time with everyone letting loose and enjoying themselves.


Dean Sanderson