I did some thinking long and hard on how I wanted to present this section, who I would ask for testimonials and reviews of my wedding photography here in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. How I would present them. Where on the website they would go… and well, like most tasks that include expanding my ego, I procrastinated and procrastinated as I don’t do this so I can have a bigger ego. Rather, I do this so that people have a great experience here in Mexico and get awesome wedding photography. I do this so that 10 years down the road you can look back at your wedding photos and remind yourself why you love that person and what a great time you had at your wedding. I do this so that you and your guests have a great time… and yes, I do this to support my family.

Then, while actively procrastinating, an email came in from a client and BOOM… Why not simply share the emails my clients send me. The love, the gratitude I get from my clients after they see their images is astounding. It is so raw and so motivating for me that I can’t but not share them… below are just a few of the emails I get and I cannot thank each and every single one of my past clients for your gratitude and appreciation.

Maggie + Tim

Wedding Location: Secrets Maroma Beach | Cancun | Riviera Maya | Mexico.


I love them! They look great! When will we get to see all of them?? …and of course we will leave you an AMAZING review :) on top of your work, you were a pleasure to hang out with. We hope you had as much fun as we did!




Lindsay + Matt

Wedding Location: NOW Jade | Cancun| Rivera Maya | Mexico


Hi Dean & Anna

Thank you so much for the preview!! They actually brought tears to my eyes to see them! It feels like that day came and went in the blink of an eye and the pictures are such a perfect way to remember the day…
Thank you thank you thank you!!!
And we mean our doors are always open to you guys if you are ever in our neck of the woods!
Matt & Linds


Lisa + Mark

Wedding Location: NOW Jade | Cancun| Rivera Maya | Mexico

Hi Dean,

Everyone that has seen the first 28 photos you sent us, have said that they are the nicest wedding photos they have ever seen and that includes other destination wedding photos. Hiring you, and Saku were the two best decisions Mark and I made.

So thank you so much again.


(Saku is an amazing florist here, if you want info on her, please contact us…)

Leah + Chris

Wedding Location: Royal Real Resorts | Playa del Carmen| Rivera Maya | Mexico

Hi Dean,

Thank you so much, the pictures look amazing. Chris and I just had our reception this past Saturday, everyone loved the pictures- and couldn’t believe the cenote pictures were actually taken under water, thinking the pictures were airbrushed somehow…


(And this after Chris said he could not go under the water without plugging his nose…. I love to see people let go, expand, grow, enjoy, and get awesome photos!!! – dean)


Jo + Jason

Wedding Location: Barcelo Maya Beach | Rivera Maya | Mexico


They are BEAUTIFUL!! We love them!! Thank u so much!! Going to send link to everyone to see today!

Thank you again! I never looked so good!

Talk soon!!

Jo. and Jay


Jessica + Filip

Wedding Location: Azule Beach Resort | Cancun| Rivera Maya | Mexico

Hi Dean!

Thank you so much for posting some of the wedding pictures to Facebook. They look fantastic and it was really nice to get a taste of what we can be expecting. People who have seen them can’t stop saying nice things about them. Thanks for making us look soo good! Feel free to submit whatever you would like for publication.

We’re very excited to see the rest of the pictures now. You certainly know how to build anticipation!

Thank you so much for your hard work,

Jessica and Filip Strycharek

Gina + Scott

Wedding Location: Ocean Coral & Turquesa | Cancun| Rivera Maya | Mexico


Hi Dean,

Thank you again! I love them. You captured many special moments that we will always cherish.


(You can also check out Gina’s full review on BDW and Google )


Cory + Pete

Wedding Location: Barcelo Maya Beach | Rivera Maya | Mexico



Thank you so much for shooting our wedding last week. It was a pleasure getting to know you and it felt like you were a part of our family! You made myself and the rest of our family comfortable and completely relaxed while your photographed us. Thank you again and we can’t wait to see our photographs!

Peter and Cory


Cassandra + Kayla

Wedding Location: NOW Jade | Cancun| Rivera Maya | Mexico

Hey Dean!

Thank you so much! The pictures are amazing! They are everything we wanted and more! We really appreciate all of your hard work and everything you put into our day. You captured it just as we had imagined it and we couldnt be happier.

All the best wishes to you and Anna and your little girl.

Thanks again,

Kayla and Cassandra

Ashleigh + John

Wedding Location: Gran Porto Real | Playa del Carmen| Rivera Maya | Mexico


Hi Dean,

I have to tell you how happy we are with these photographs!! They are phenomenal… so beautiful and the colors are perfect, and we are so happy!!!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!



Diana + Jesse


Hi Dean and Anna,

The Images….THANK YOU!!!! They are so beautiful…the light and colors are amazing as your images always are. I love the candid one of jesse, me, and the officiant at the ceremony- it’s one of my favorites. The huge vertical of the palm is awesome, all of the bridesmaids are gorgeous and the black and white of us dancing. I cannot WAIT to see the rest of them!

Again, thank you. So many little things you caught that will bring back memories forever- and will last long after we’re gone. (You can see that ankle bracelet in the one where i’m walking down the stairs….my dad gave that to my mom as a wedding gift and i forgot to have you take a picture of it- but there it is!) What you do is really special….thanks so much Dean.

love, diana and jesse

Andrea + Rob


Hi Dean

These are amazing!!!!! We cannot tell you how much we LOVE the photos!!!!! You did such an incredible job catching all the special moments throughout the day =) They are wonderful! When looking through them all we literally could re-live the entire day. I have downloaded them, if you could please keep them for a few more weeks just in case that would be great. I’ve bought an external hard drive and put them all on there, uploaded them to drop box but I am also going to burn them onto CD’s – I’d hate for anything to happen to them.

Andrea xoxo


Maya + Christian


We’re looking forward to going through all of the pictures together. We absolutely loved the teasers!

Also, we’d like to send along a heartfelt thanks for your work on our wedding day. We are both notoriously camera shy – but that seemed to melt away with you. Not only was the experience bearable – it was actually fun! We felt relaxed and comfortable the entire time with you behind the camera. Thanks for teaching us those tricks for posing! We feel so fortunate to have had you share in our special day. Many of the guests, including a close friend that is a photographer sang your praises.

I have already told the Ana y Jose management that we would highly recommend you to any future couples. If you have any couples in the NYC area that have questions or would like to talk to one of your previous customers we’d be more than happy to give a reference.


Maya & Christian

Lauren + Jason


Hi Dean,

These pictures are absolutely breathtaking and we couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out. You captured the essence of our wedding and when looking at these pictures, it takes us back in time as if it were our wedding day again. Thank you so much for creating images we will enjoy and cherish for a lifetime. The picture quality and your professionalism exceded our expectations and we are so happy we picked you as our photographer.

Talk to you soon!


Please check back for more as I will be adding them as time goes on. And if you would like to get in touch with one of our past destination wedding clients, we would be happy to give you a few email addresses;