One of the most important things you can do in the initial stages of planning your wedding here in Cancun or the Riviera Maya is to time your wedding properly. Too early and it could be very hot and bright. Too late and you might not have enough time for photographs after your wedding. However, […]

How to Time your Wedding in Cancun

Bride and Groom look skinnier in your photographs on the beach in Cancun.

While photographing we weddings here in the Cancun and the Riviera Maya is nearly every evening a beautiful breeze comes off the ocean. This breeze is a godsend as it cools down the air and allows you and your guests to enjoy your wedding ceremony. However, if you wear your hair down, it will also […]

Beach Wedding Hair: Don’t forget to consider this.

Portrait of bride and groom on beach with bride looking skinner in photograph being behind the groom.

As a wedding photographer in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, it is essential you love your makeup on your wedding day. Your makeup will impact both your appearance and how you feel, so let’s dive into some beach bridal makeup tips. Looking amazing is vital, but feeling amazing is even more important if you want […]

Beach Bridal Makeup Tips for your Wedding

Bride doing makeup at Beach wedding in Riviera Maya.

Are you having doubts about hiring one photographer or two? When I started photographing weddings here in the Riviera Maya Mexico, I started doing something a little radical: I started photographing them alone. Most of them had only 20-30 guests. I didn’t know any other good photographers I could trust to be my second photographer […]

Hiring one photographers or two?

Father handing bride to father at cancun wedding.

Choosing the right shirt for your wedding in Cancun and making sure it fits well is essential if you want to look good and stay cool. Fit and Fitted For photography, choosing a well-fitted shirt looks a hundred times better than a loose-fitting shirt. And fitted does not mean so tight that you can’t touch […]

The Right Shirt for your Cancun Wedding

Groom looking at tie while getting ready for wedding in Riviera Maya

The number of wedding photographers you will need depends on a few factors and I hope that this a little article will help you make the right decision. In Canada, I would never have dreamt of photographing a wedding alone. However, here in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, photographing weddings on resorts, I photograph 60-80% […]

How many wedding photographers do you need?

How many photographers do you need will depend on several factors and photographs like this only need one.

We all have that one friend that although she (or he) always looks better in photographs than they do in real life. The rest of us struggle with the opposite and believe we look worse in photographs than we do in real life. Here’s a collection of practical tips that not only enhance your natural beauty […]

How to look skinnier in your photographs

Bridesmaids walking on beach with great posture and looking skinner in their photographs

This is far more important than you might first think as one thing I learned very quickly photographing weddings down here in Cancun and Riviera Maya was that how important the bride’s hair was to the success of the photographs. The other thing I noticed very quickly was that brides were completely unaware of this […]

Hair Advice for a Beach Wedding

Makeup artist putting veil in bride at wedding in Cancun.

You’re hiring a wedding photographer because you want to be proud to share them with your family and friends, on social media and maybe even a large wall art or two… In short, you want to love your wedding photos and I want you to love your photographs. I want my clients to adore their […]

How we ensure you will love your wedding photographs

Bride and groom saying vows on beach at wedding in Riviera Maya.