Amy and David’s Destination Beach Wedding Photography at Iberostar Lindo Mexico

The key to the wedding for Amy and David was to make it fun. With a small guest list, only 25 people, they really wanted everyone to feel a part of the special day, but that meant make it relaxing and a party. At the Iberostar Lindo the bride and groom were able to get the destination beach wedding of their dreams.

From the aviator sunglasses to bright colors you could tell Amy and David bring whimsy to every moment of their lives. The pictures showcase the spirit of their romance, not one of sweeping imagery but rather of pure fun, laughter and elation. The crashing waves mimicked the volume of their experience. The blues and yellows simply pop off the screen, from the waves to the flowers to the shirts, everything just explodes together in perfect unison.

Instead of a guest book, they wanted photos of everyone there. They wanted to remember the moments of the day and the people in the photos, as they were. Amy told us she hired our wedding photography company and Dean because she enjoyed our story and wanted someone she felt connected to. Most importantly she wanted someone who would capture the “fun” in the images… O and that he is Canadian

Photography by: Dean Sanderson + Jonathan Cossu | Destination Wedding Photographers

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