Gorgeous Wedding Photography at Private Villa Casa Chac

Wedding photographers meet a lot of people at weddings and I’m no exception. Fortunately for me, I ran into this awesome couple, Afton and Adam, at a wedding right here in Mexico. Afton was still a little unsure about getting married in Mexico as she wanted her family and friends to be able to come to her wedding and she was nervous they all wouldn’t be able to make the trip. Adam, on the other hand, was sold on the idea right from the start and he couldn’t think of any better place in the world to marry his love. Well, the stars aligned, and everything seemed to work out perfectly. One day I got a message that the cute pair was getting married right here on the beach with 60 friends and family in tow and that they wanted me to be their Playa del Carmen wedding photographer.

I was thrilled to hear that a destination wedding worked out for them and even more excited to hear that 60 of their closest friends and family were able to make it to the wedding! Some guests flew all the way from Canada to celebrate Afton and Adam’s love for each other – and perhaps to get a shot or two of tequila.

One of the things I loved most about this wedding was that it was at a villa on the beach in Playa del Carmen. This is certainly not the norm in Mexico, but it can be a lovely way to have your wedding and get everything you really want for your special day. This particular wedding had the fairy godmother of Mexico wedding planning (this is an inside joke, as Maria is the godmother of my daughter Isabella). Thanks to Maria from Weddings in Playa, the wedding went off wonderfully (even including the torrential downpour that happened five minutes before the ceremony)! While we patiently waited it out, Maria and her team were drying seats and cushions and, in the end, everything went off perfectly. I would definitely recommend Maria or Erica with Weddings in Playa for the couple needing help with a special Mexico wedding taking place in a unique location or at a villa. I can also provide referrals to other trusted wedding planners in the area.

I can’t remember any wedding quite like this one and I will cherish the moments I shared with this couple and Maria for years to come.

Dean Sanderson

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