I was once one and now we are four and growing. Thanks to a large number of amazing clients, I was unable to photograph weddings with the attention to detail they deserved. As a result, Adrian joined me over two years ago and has been making couples happy ever since. Combined with our amazing support staff we do everything in our power to make you happy so that you love your photographs.

Dean Sanderson

Founder & Photographer

Canadian Flag

I believe my photography career started when I 10 years old and I fell in love with photography going through National Geographic magazines in my aunts basement and dreaming about how amazing it must be to travel the world and tell stories through photographs.

That seed, planted all those years ago, has brought me to a profession that I love in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Far from the cold winters of Canada where I perfected my craft, I now spend my days photographing love stories on white sand beaches in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

Capturing love stories is both challenging and inspiring as the love between two people is never the same. Each couple is unique and it is my desire in every wedding I photograph to find that love and capture it in a way that allows you to look back on your photographs years from now and see that you have always loved each other

Portrait of Cancun and Riviera Maya wedding photographer Dean Sanderson



A flag of Switzerland. A flag of Switzerland.

Adrian has three main loves in his life, his family, his Fine Art Photography and photographing weddings.

As an accomplished Fine Art Photographer, Adrian has won numerous awards and is considered by many to be one of the best up and coming Fine Art Photographers in Mexico. His work is sought out by both galleries and private collectors, and it is only a matter of time before he is regarded as one of the best photographers in Mexico.

To have a photographer of Adrian’s caliber join our team is both an honor a privilege. Adrian has photographed over 250 weddings, and is capable to deal with any situation that might occur on your day. His ability to work with clients and keep them calm on what can be a stressful day, enables him to capture the amazing images you see in his portfolio.

Portrait of Cancun wedding photographer Adrian Hernandez

Samantha Duran

Studio Manager

Mexican flag

In a way, Samantha is like our wizard in the Wizard of OZ. She is the person behind the curtain pulling the strings to make sure that everything runs seamlessly and your photographs turn out beautifully.

Samantha has a magical way of making the difficult look easy and keeping everyone involved organized and happy. She has been with the studio for over three years now and does everything from helping clients decide if we are the best fit for them to guiding them through final retouches of the images.

Portrait of Samantha Duran studio manager at Dean Sanderson Weddings

Caro Sieira


Argentina flag

Caro is an editing and retouching magician. She takes what comes out of our cameras and turns it into the art you will want to put on your walls at home.

She makes sure you have great looking skin and that the skies and oceans look beautiful, but she also takes off that extra 10% that the cameras add. So yes, if you are looking for a photography studio that will give you a subtle squeeze here or there to make you look a little thinner, don't worry…we have Caro and she will make sure you look great.

Portrait of Caro Sieira, retoucher at Dean Sanderson Weddings