I have been photographing weddings in Cancun and the Riviera Maya for three years now and I am finally at the stage where I have worked with enough videographers to say I have found a few great ones that I want to bring onto my team. Great wedding videography is a keepsake that you will enjoy watching over the years. It tells a story in a way that photography alone can’t. The ability to capture movement and sound gives a videographer the ability to tell your story in more depth allowing them to capture and create a product that you will be happy to watch over and over again as the years pass by. Like in all things in life, different people have different tastes and appreciate different styles. Therefore I am happy to say we have two different videography experts in an attempt to meet your needs. One is a videographer and one is a film maker. What’s the difference between a videographer and a film maker? At it’s essence, a videographer records what is happening, whereas a film makers captures a storyline and creates a product that illustrates that storyline. If you are still confused, please watch a few samples of each and trust me, you will understand.



Claudia is what I like to call our up-and-comer. She is good, but I see her being great very very soon. I’ve worked with her here in the Mayan Riviera at multiple weddings and every time I see her shoot, I see her improving. She has a simple yet elegant way of capturing your story and presenting your story in a way that you will love. My suggestion is that if you like her samples, then book her while you can as this girl is going from good to great and represents the best value of all the videographers.

– Click here to link to Claudia’s sample videos –


Santiago is a film maker and so much more than a videographer. He makes some of the most stunning keepsakes you will ever imagine, wedding films. Wedding films are very different than wedding videos and rather than spending time typing about it, I simply ask you to watch a sample of their work. However, I warn you, if you are a little bit hungry or thirsty you might want to go to the fridge and grab a snack or something to drink as they are about 5 minutes long, but you are going to watch more than one. Trust me, this is something different!  

– Click here to link to Santiago’s sample videos –